Friday, April 30, 2010

On my desk right now...

This little graveyard...

new graveyard

Made from sculpey and hand painted in acrylic. I finish them with a super matte varnish, that almost gives them a dusty look when dry. They are so cute and a bit wonky. I try to not to be too rigid when I sculpt them, keeps them fun (Yeah, I think they are fun!) but still real enough to be spooky. I want a halloween dollhouse!

The gravestones still need their little bases painted and signed, so they aren't quite ready to hit the shop yet. I will probably wait and photograph list these on Monday, because I can.


  1. Tara those came out wonderful...Have a great weekend.


  2. When you make your halloween dollhouse, don't forget the zombies! Equally fitting, you can made little Sam and Dean burning corpses! Just an idea... hee hee.

  3. OOh pretty! I think it would look cool to have a few of them under a bonsai tree, as a mini graveyard.
    I hope you get around to doing a Halloween themed doll house. I had a big wooden doll house and was thinking of doing it up goth style, but I have too many plans for things to do that I never get around to doing them all... sigh.

  4. www.elclosetdemama.blogspot.com5:05 PM

    Still loving your work a lot!!!!!!