Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Waiting and Updating

I am stuck in the house waiting for a delivery man to ring my bell. My least favourite state to be in is waiting. Its stressing me out!! This delivery has been lost in limbo for days and if I miss him, its going to be sent back to the middle of nowhere. *bites fingernails*

I listed my little graveyard I sneak peeked a while ago...

big graveyard

Its a set of eight, and they are super cute in person. So fun to make!!!

I also completed the project I had sneak peeked in my last post. The funny thing is the part that I showed in the photo actually got axed! I had originally been painting a black, a white and a grey cats paw to make bookmarks out of. After scanning and test printing, the grey one just wasn't doing it for me, so I trashed it. The actual painting of the grey cats paw is really cute though, I might just sell it!

cat paw bookmarks

Here are the completed black and white. The white is really a cream colour... The backs are a print of a fur-like pattern I painted and scanned.

Lastly, I joined

If you haven't heard of it, its a site that makes it easy for people to ask you questions, even anonymously. So of course it has the potential for people being rude and horrible, but also the potential for people to learn things that they don't feel comfortable asking that they genuinely care about. I guess it can be sort of a scary concept. We shall see how it goes. Its fun to learn about the bloggers you follow, so lets hope I get some good questions someday. I added a box the left sidebar of my site, so if anyone has a question, ask away with the box, or at my profile page.

I am going to test my doorbell now to make sure it works. That is how much waiting for this delivery man is stressing me out. haha. 


  1. You make the best bookmarks! These are great and appropriate as I often have kitty paws pulling my book down when reading!

  2. Man! Your work is just fantastic! I've just looked through this entire blog :) Your dedication to what you do really comes across