Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Shit changes. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes you are just like...ummm, whut?

Sometimes you are moving to Ottawa.


Living in Toronto, in a hip as hell neighbourhood with hipsters hipping, its terrifying to think about moving to dull, boring, lame Ottawa. I know nothing about it because no one cares about it when you live in Toronto. All the footage we see is skating on the canal or people having calm and Canadian press conferences.

 But job offers getting turned down because you like to look at daddies with full sleeves at the grocery store is kind of a bad life plan right? RIGHT? 

Not moving until fall, so I have one last summer to do Toronto. Go to shows, eat Burrito Boyz and generally try not to think about how cold and safe and family friendly Ottawa is. As it gets closer the moving date, I am sure I will flip my shit. 

(Everyone says I will love it there, I say, you move there!)

Lived in Toronto for 10 years I guess, and I feel like I am a bit tired of certain life stuff, so it will be fresh and new, even if that new is dull. 

P.S. I am pretty sure no one has ever used that font for an Ottawa graphic. And never will again. Ever.


  1. what is this i don't even

  2. Im sure everything will be fine, I believe everything happens for a reason, fate is inexorable.

  3. Ottowa may be incredible, but I know I moved from the hip and happening London (UK) up to the quiet rural by waters or North Wales and wanted to eat my own arm off with boredom for a decade before finally taking the financially risky decision to move back down South in 3 weeks time, seriously the days don't whiz by fast enough!

  4. Casey: Hahaha. Did i just insult you?

    Aaron-Paul: I will just pretend I believe that too.


  5. When I heard the news I knew you wouldn't be happy about it but I knew it must be a huge opportunity for Nathan if he accepted. Ottawa is definitely not as fun or cool as Toronto, but really it doesn't matter where you are. Make it your own. You'll be fine if you put some effort into it.

    If you try and you still aren't happy with Ottawa you can come and live in seclusion in a forest with me and a butt load of animals! We can try taming wild foxes!

  6. I'm not insulted, but my mind is blown. Ottawa really doesn't seem like your type of gig. It's all suburbs and hockey moms here :)

  7. Thanks Tracy, I might take you up on that offer.

    And Casey: That sounds fucking terrible. Terrible and completely in line with what I thought abut Ottawa. FROWNY FACE.

  8. The stereotypes are all accurate. *offers you some cupcakes*

    I quite like it here, but that's because I'm lame, and a nerd, and Ottawa is a bit of a nerdville.

  9. All I gotta say is, at least you're not moving back to Sudbury. Cause I'm certain that's the peak of dullsville ;)

  10. Ottawa could do with upping their coolness factor. I think you will be up for the challenge, and then some. :)