Tuesday, May 31, 2011

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

Doors open Toronto is neat. Buildings around the city open their doors to the public and you can peek around and check out churches, historical landmarks and amazing architecture.

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant was one of the places I went...Art Deco, yes please. Its one of those places you feel like its a joke that someone actually got to build a utilitarian building that is so interesting. Like, was no one paying attention and the architect slipped it under the door?

Ahhh! Art deco water treatment building. #doorsopenTO








Went to Ottawa to check out neighbourhoods to live in. It was drizzly and crappy, I took no photos.

 It is pretty in Ottawa, like everyone always says when they are trying to make you like it. You can see the money spent on making it that way. Its crazy clean  and lots of adorable little 'hoods, with way more of a country sweetness, less McMansions blotting out the sun in older suburbs.

BUT I found myself worried it was missing the grit of Toronto, the downtown turns to adorable cottages in the blink of an eye! As far as I saw, its so much more white bread. Also, after living 10 years in Toronto, seeing and hearing so much French again is bizarre!

I am less worried about some things, and more worried about some things.


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