Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hmm, what can I print on? What can I print on......?Scarves! Much better than T-shirts, as they are one size fits all. Plus summer is almost over and those Fall days are coming... I made three, as a test (I do alot of testing I guess...) I printed on the "wrong side" of the fabric because I thought it would be cooler to have the print on the inside. If I make more I might print on the "right" side as jersey curls up a bit at the edges...

I see a whole bunch of these in my store in the future, I have some ideas for new stamps....Its kind of time consuming, depending on how dense I make the pattern. This Moz one progressed a bit faster, as its more spread out... I timed how long it took me to make them by watching Martha Stewart. (I often forget to actually time my work, and then have to guess if I am working for like $3 an hour...) All three of these will be going into the shop today or tomorrow. I have to fight not to let myself keep the Moz one. or all of them.Rocko the Cat helped me a lot by laying on top of the huge mess that is my printing table. His body is on t-shirts (not for the shop, don't worry) and his face is on a painting. ARGH!!

Damn! Then he has to go and look all cute and fat cheeked and I forgive him (again and again...) Jerk!

*Goes to de-fur the studio....*


  1. Anonymous3:06 PM

    So cute! I'm addicted to your shop. :)

  2. *heart* Rocko. I set the "aww" picture to my background on my work computer.
    I am going to add one of those scarves on my list of things I want. A batcat one would be super. :) How much are you selling them for?

  3. $35. If you can wait a bit, I might do half scarves for cheaper too!

  4. Anonymous12:14 PM

    the scarves look great! your new blog is lovely, but i miss you on livejournal :(

    i agree, a batcat one would be awesome. i'd get one if you made them.

    rocko is a cutie :)