Monday, February 25, 2008


Oh no! I think its alive! I think its coming this way. I think its wearing a band t-shirt?!

Introducing, a zombie who lives with me, and periodically rises from the grave to give you...

The Horrors - Strange House

For my first review, how about my favourite album of the past year? This album sounds like pointy boots, smudged eyeliner, sweat, and dark clubs. The Horrors came roaring out of London last year with a distinctly retro sound, filtering '60's rock through blasts of punk dissonance. "Jack the Ripper", a lurching Screamin' Lord Sutch cover, is an impressive opener, and first single "Count In Fives" is led by a driving organ (!) line. The unhinged, crashing "Sheena Is A Parasite" marks the album's high point. Singer Faris Badwan's howling baritone is worth the price of admission alone. "Strange House" is more than a little bit campy, but it's also a bloody good ride.
-N. Zombie

N. Zombie will be reviewing only zombie approved awesome albums weekly, to brighten your dreary existence. Or the opposite. Or whatever. :-)


  1. Wow, fantastic to find a fellow Etsy Horrors fan!

  2. :-) I didn't think that it would happen!