Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its my Friday.

Ok, I did the art. But I didn't assemble them.

Cell phone charms!

Cell phone charms

A lovely Etsy seller named kittycrossbones and I did a trade for these. They are like a one inch button, but on a spinny little disc that attaches to the little leash. There are a ton of uses for them. I haven't even added them to the shop yet. I think they will come in a set, so you get both images.

Rocko the Cat checks them out.


Hmm, everything seems in order....

I also made a new BIG bookmark today. (Also not even in the shop yet...) Wow, I really need to be better at updating that baby.

Sara and Schipperke BIG bookmark

Once I got that striped ribbon, I knew this bookmark was gonna happen. Its funny, I actually try to *not* overdo stripes. Thats scary. Could you imagine if I actually used stripes as much as I wanted to?? We would all go blind.

My weekend starts now! I am going to an invitation only industry makeup sale, going to the museum (oooh, architecture voyeur webcam?!) and generally get driven around and eat good food and drink. One of my favorite feelings is being excited for fun stuff to happen. Its often way better than actually doing the stuff.

Alright, going to update the shop.


  1. I love the new bookmark! It looks really good. I like stripes too, so I'm perfectly happy even if you overdo them :D

  2. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I've been all stripe crazy for a while... you should see my socks! I love the girls hair style in the big bookmark. :)I've always wanted to try that haircut but it just wouldn't look right on me.