Monday, March 31, 2008

No picture of me though.

This weekend will be known as the "haul weekend."

Thanks to this guy.
He drove our little party all over the place, never a meep of boredom even when we endlessly discussed makeup and boring girl stuff.

Friday, secrety makeup sale. You could make good money scalping these tickets...I am sure people do. Here is my (and my dude's) haul...
Secret makeup sale. YES.
Not too shabby. I could have bought a ton of stuff, but you know, not made of money. Plus after the doors open, the good stuff rapidly gets hoarded by women who suspiciously buy 10 of everything. Don't think thats for personal use honey. RESELLER! If you want to know what all this stuff is, you can check out the notes on Flickr.

We scrapped the museum visit, because when we showed up there was a swarm of people in line, and we were too good to wait in line.

get ready.

We got up early, which is rare. And zoomed around town all day.
Chinese Malls
Chinese malls are so fun. They were crazy busy though. Doesn't seem like the "crackdown" on bootlegging has really made any real difference either. More than EVER. So much cuteness crammed into these places.


Ooh, candy!! My first stop and most favorite part of the Chinese mall is going to the candy store and buying all the awesome stuff from Japan, Korea and anywhere else that sells a food with cute characters on them. How fantastic is this packaging? Plus I snagged two cute scarves. Tip for having fun at the Chinese mall, bring CASH. ;-)
Ruh Roh.
See this?? I have never seen it before, I swear!! Hahaha. Its pretty much the exact same as my heart shaped face batcats and bats. What cha gonna do huh?I haven't ate the candy yet, its too cool to rip apart.

Cute cartoons plus profanity. Awesome.
Love the little bag that my scarves came in. Its so sweet with little kids in love, and swearing.

Looks like we are moving.

So after the mall we went to Ikea. Yeah, we are basically keeping that place afloat with our purchasing. But I was tired of having dresser drawers that don't actually open. The furniture we bought seemed big at Ikea, and ENORMOUS in our little apartment. Our apartment predates closets, so we have to have dressers to store our "substantial" amount of black clothes.

So the house is in absolute chaos. Half finished furniture everywhere, no clean dishes, and generally looks like squatters are building a shanty town in every room. SIGH. At least I have candy. :-)


  1. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I am swooning with complete jealousy! :)
    Did you guys rent a car to do all the trips this weekend?

    Now, we are going to come visit soon and make you do all that all over again -heehee ;)

  2. Yeah, we rented a car. We had never had a car just to do stuff in the city before, it was awesome. I have no complaints about doing it all over again with you guys!

    You should SEE how big our new furniture is. We might be retards.

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM

    That all looks like such an awesome weekend! :)
    I miss the Pacific mall...

  4. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I'm excited to see it all. It looks like a lot from the picture. Did Rocko have a field day with all the boxes?

    Now that the driving is getting better, we have no excuse to not come down. There's a few things going on in April, so we'd have to check when would be good - then the first two weekends in May are no good cause of my sister's wedding, then Viv and Paul's the next after that (I assume you'll be up for that, right?) - But I'm sure we'll be able to squeeze a visit in somewhere :)

  5. your trip looks like it was loads of fun! i love ikea and could spend a fortune (that i don't have) there!
    pacific mall would be such a treat to go to, though i'm sure i'd spend way too much there too. i think i've only been once. my hubby would definitely love it there.

    cute packaging for the candy. that's too funny and weird how similar that one bat creature is to yours. what's that called again when you can have the same idea as someone else halfway around the world? i forget... but i'm sure it happens all the time.

  6. Anonymous10:16 PM

    is that blush 'Style'? it kinda looks like Style...

  7. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Wow, I am behind on your life. Somehow I forgot that your blog was here!!!!!!!

  8. I accidentally flagged your blog, thinking that 'flagging' meant that you were marking it as important -- like in email. If the google cops come to bust you, tell them it was all a misunderstanding.

  9. Oh wow, you scored big time at the make up sale and the Chinese mall! Look at all that stuff.

    That bat candy looks made for you. Really.

  10. Lynds: Yeah, we will work it out. I already need more stuff from Ikea. We forgot to get a a cinnamon bun this time too. :-(

    Cathy: You *can* get great deals on things there. wink wink, nudge nudge.

    eri: Nope, not style. Its Pinch o Peach or something.

    DARREN!!- HOW COULD YOU! WAHAHA. I hear sirens! I STILL haven't opened it yet! I might have to get a bell jar and put it under glass forever... :-)

  11. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I'm jealous. I can't even get my hands on the Dita von Tesse shirts! and I work for MAC!? We don't have chinese malls here but that looks like fun. :)

  12. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Wowsa! If you can get me one of those cursing kid bags I'd heart you always!

    That batcat candy is way too awesome, too. I'm jealous!!