Thursday, June 26, 2008

New stuff is on the way, but its not here yet.

I always do everything myself.

Sometimes I feel all superior (Why? I have no idea) that I do everything myself with my two little hands. I print each print and cut each card. But in reality, doing it all yourself is slow, and for most things, doesn't really matter to most people. Even on Etsy, which is supposed to be handmade goods heaven, the people buy professionally printed stuff like mad.

Anyway, I say this because I am having something printed. I never have stuff printed. I have tried in the past and got crappy results, which soured me. I am also a control freak, and dread terrible results and having to argue about it with someone else. Um, how do I say this without being really unlikeable? People are annoying and no one does anything right but me. <---haha, exaggerated. The really annoying thing about getting stuff printed is that the more you need, the cheaper it gets. So unless you are the type of seller that can move thousands of items, you end up paying a lot for smaller runs. Not to even mention that you have to guess what people will want to buy (I am terrible at that, even after a few years selling batcats to the masses) So its a big fat gamble, and even if you are correct in your guess, it may take a long time to actually sell those billions of printed goodies. Sigh. Here is what is on its way to my mailbox.Its not a big deal at all, its just a big deal to me. If I get these, and they are up to my standards that might open the door to me going printing crazy. This is my test.

Even though I do everything myself now, I want someone else to do everything in the future.

Ok, it may be quiet for a bit,because its Canada Day Weekend!!
Visiting,driving,shopping,eating,drinking,fighting,laughing,recovering. Repeat. We are on our way to Mindless Self Indulgence/The Birthday Massacre show too. I may not survive the weekend. :-)

Yay frontpage today too. Woo! Thanks for the tip phydeaux!!


  1. i hear ya on being somewhat of a control freak :) i wish i was capable of doing everything myself, but it's true, it slows things down, especially if you're not good at something.

    it bugs me too that a lot of people have stuff professionally printed on etsy. and it's also annoying how pricey it can be. i had postcards printed when i first opened my shop and i still haven't sold out of them!

    is that what your sneak peek is? hope it turns out whatever it is!

  2. I bet after a few years you are sick of looking at them! Haha.

    :-D Yes, they are postcards!! Good guess! If they suck I wont post about them, so this may be all you ever see. *crossing fingers*

  3. My paws or claws or wings or whatever are crossed for you!!! And Yay for your bat on the front page! I was totally excited, cuz I love batcat and your bats so much!!!

  4. I totally know what you mean. I mean... I guess I don't sell stuff that needs to be printed, but I can imagine how frustrating it is to see all of those sellers on Etsy that sell, like, 30 prints a day. Of things that are inferior to Batcat (uh oh.. am I badmouthing my fellow Etsians?--my bad.)

    Anyways, even though it's more work for you, I find your hand-cut postcards, stickers, etc to be one of my favorite things about ordering goodies from you. I love that I can look at the edges of those little stickers and notice that they were not cut by a machine. Is that weird? Ha!