Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Work

Often, when I am not feeling super creative, or maybe even frustrated, I will go into production mode.

Its nice to just not have to think of anything fantastic, or interesting or creative and just "do work." I needed to replenish my pin set supply, so I got on it. Its a good rainy day project anyway.
First, I print out all the pins I need. I make sheets of pins in Photoshop. Then its time to cut and cut and cut them out... Maybe a couple of hundred?
When the images are ready, its time to assemble the pins. Each little pin takes 5 separate pieces.
Here is my little set up. Ok, its my set up before it got super messy. Ok, Ok, its before I started doing ANYTHING. The button press has a handle you pull in twice to set different parts of the button. Its the kind of mindless task you can do while watching tv. After making thousands of pins, you just robotically put the pieces into the press and before you know it you are finished.
And here is a TON of buttons waiting for their pin backs. I love when I have a big huge pile of buttons, its like when people in movies throw money in the air and clutch it in joy. I just get button joy. I promise I don't clutch or throw them. Much.

And then they all get their respective backing cards, which I didn't think I needed a photo of. It would be a picture of a printer anyway. I just print sheets of them and carefully cut them out.

It doesn't seem like inventory much when its in a box, but there are tons of sets in there. I also make little bags of completed pins and print more backing cards as I need them.

So now I am restocked with pin sets, and yesterday I restocked my ACEO's. Maybe I will do a photo post about ACEO assembly too! Ok, now I am just LOOKING for busy work... :-)


  1. ooo, i loved your little step-by-step guide to your button-making. i spy some new buttons in that pile!

    don't tell me handcut all your buttons?
    i used to do that but found this little guy:

    i'm not sure if that's the same size that i have, but if you search online you can find one that is nearly the right size for the buttons. the one i have makes the circle slightly smaller than required so some of my buttons turn out a bit wonky. but i'm telling you it saves a lot of time and your hand does not cramp as much.

  2. oh, i forgot to add that i really admire your diligence and dedication for your button backing cards too! wow! i cannot believe you handcut all of those!

  3. Haha I knew someone would call me on that. I have been putting off getting a circle punch forever, and keep saying "I will get one with my next button parts order" Then I forget about it. I have never seen one as cheap as the one you linked though!!

    I actually really like cutting stuff out. I find it really relaxing. Need to get a life. haha.

  4. You are amazing. I envy your design skillz (and button maker)!

  5. wow your work is so great! you are a great painter, wow, I love your girls. And now the mystery is revealed to me - THAT is how buttons are made!