Thursday, June 5, 2008

Working on things that are boring.

I have had websites since I was in highschool. But in all the years from then until now, I haven't actually gotten better at building them.

Its kind of a necessary evil, so I make them. But I am basically unable to care about stuff I suck at. Its a personality flaw. So they come out pretty basic.

My new one isn't finished yet. Its coming. Soon. Hopefully?
You can tell by the pressure of my furious pencil scribbling how frustrating I find the whole thing. These comics make laugh. Laugh that I put crap like this low quality comic on the interwebs.

Here is a little sneak peek at a new website graphic...I decided to ditch my "super clean digital" look that for some reason I had associated with a "real" website. Who knows why I thought that would represent my work. I splatter. There should be splatter!

I redid my banner for my Etsy shop too. I wish the banner was a bit bigger. I tried like 50 different layouts, but none could fit Batcat's ears in unless he was horizontal.
Ok, that uploaded really tiny, but you want to go to the shop anyway to see the larger one... (I am a marketing genius.)

So off to make more website content. *drags feet like a five year old*


  1. i love your sketches and think that the paint and splatter art for your site is more exciting than just digital. but of course i'm biased because i'm not a huge computer nerd :)
    i know what you mean about websites. even though i can make and maintain my own, i'm not skilled enough to do one for anyone else... and i'm pretty terrible at making an effort to learn things that i'm not great at too.

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    I love the paint and splatter, it's the artists way! I want a banner of yours to post on my xanga... and my myspace... LOL. When I get my makeup site up and running I'll link you. :) I think everyone should have your cute stuffs. I'm gathering addresses to send out my bridesmaids cards! I'm so exicited!

  3. I love your paintigs,style packaging of your buttons...all that you make!
    I add to my fav.