Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wedding weekend completed.

All I did was eat for the entire weekend.

Wedding + traveling means nothing but double double coffees and fast food, buffets, and breakfast made by dad. Good thing my wedding attire could have been a maternity dress.


The wedding ceremony was short and sweet and I got to stand in the shade which made me very happy. Then you know the drill, wait,eat,sit,eat,talk,eat,listen to speeches and drink. And the most important thing about each wedding I go to is that it reinforces the fact that I am not ever having a wedding. NEVAH! :-) We saw no less than 4 weddings around the city on the same day, all with like 12 people in the bridal parties. It seems the number is rising! I don't even like 12 people.

(Oh, and on a personal note, the only bridesmaid dress I ever had to wear was freaking gorgeous compared to the ones we saw on route to our wedding. Thanks Lynds for not having us wear emerald green ruffled nightmares!)

Just now I realized I have a big orange patch on my head. The SHAME.
Pink and sneaky orange

Argh! Its a battle that is difficult to win.

Oh, here is a sneak peak of what I am working on today...
Little painting in progress
Some dudes face

Girls are so easy to paint, but what about the boys? I am going to try to do some boys once in a while to avoid the "I paint the same girl wearing different clothes" thing that its so easy to fall into.

Oh, and I am going to a Major League Baseball game today.
I know. What the heck?!


  1. Anonymous7:29 AM

    haha.. aw... thanks for saying that. And you're welcome that I didn't make you wear ruffles... though, the temptation, let me tell you, was incredible ;)

    I had a chuckle at the hair thing. Mine is always doing that too. It seems that I can't keep the fire-engine red to stay in my hair longer than a week before it starts going back to orange again.. grah, I totally feel your pain. :S

    Who's wedding were you at? (I like the smoke stack accent in the background, by the way :P ewww) :D

  2. I am forever in your debt.

    Yeah, red is a pain. My fushia stays way longer than my hot pink did though. You should try fushia!!

    Mike and Maggie O'Brian's wedding. Now if they google themselves they can find my blog. Heya!

  3. You are soo right about girls being easier to paint than the boys!! I can't even think about painting guys because it gives me anxiety. lol. What is that about? A face is a face....right? I think your guy is coming out awesome!

  4. hey tara,

    thanks for your comment the other day. i always wonder if i'm being too forthcoming about my worries when i post on my blog, but it would feel weird for me to not air them out. it's tough to stay positive sometimes, especially when the sales aren't rolling in, but i have to remind myself that i'm pretty lucky to be able to do what i'm doing. or matt reminds me if i forget, since he would love to be in my position rather than working outside of the home.

    i love reading your blog since your posts usually make me laugh... "i don't even like 12 people." too funny!
    and getting a glimpse into your creative world is always a treat.

    but yeah, city hall's the way to go :)