Friday, August 15, 2008

The weekend starts...

I love to use older images to make things.

Its not laziness, its the thought that someone may like an image, but may not want the item its on. You may remember that I made some dry erase boards, and one had a vampire girl and cat on it. I chopped it up and made a bookmark!
Book Vampire 1

I personally have a real problem with chewing through books. I like to read them in huge chunks and then they are gone and I am bookless again. Now that isn't that big of a deal really, except, I HATE choosing a new book to read. I often make my dude do it for me, which he is awesome at. He doesn't even mind buying me totally girly books with embarrassing portrait of frontier women on them.

Now I have the perfect bookmark to continue with my current huge, long, guilty pleasure series of books with vampires running around in them. Haha.

Going to a wedding this weekend. And newsflash, my dress isn't even black. I am shocked as you are. But my gift has a black bow on it. 50 goth points for me. I am setting a goal to take 300 pictures over the weekend, as I always get lazy when I visit my family. None of them will be from the wedding. Haha.


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    If you like Vampires running around in books I must ask if you have heard of the Mammoth Book of Vampires Romance and Many Bloody Returns? Both are anthologies of short stories all revolving around vampires. :) Perfect for your bookmark!

  2. I wrote them down. :-D Thanks!

  3. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Oh! Also check out P.N. Elrod's vampire series. She has one that's very noir inspired, I *heart* Jack Flemming, Vamp Detective.

    If you can find anything I can always send you my copy to borrow. I have an ever growing library of vamp books and well... books in general.