Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Must. Update. Internet.

Yeah, I live.

I finally finished a painting too.

The Pale Pirate 2

I swear, I may have to spend all of tomorrow rephotographing this. I am having such a rough time getting any photos that aren't terrible. SIGH. My least favorite part of making stuff. I would love to just hire someone!

Anyway, she is for sale in my shop. *Edit* She is sold! At least if anyone buys her before I rephotograph, they will be THRILLED with the painting when it arrives. haha. I actually really like the painting. If I didn't like it I wouldn't agonize about getting good photos. Oh, and at my flickr, there is a photo of her hidden eye I took in progress. She has one under there, she isn't a cyclops.

I have another drawing at the inking stage, and even though it currently looks like Pete Wentz (its a dude) I am going to see it through.

Oh yeah, and I got a Twitter (I have one of everything anyway) Its over there on the sidebar --->
You can get little updates and thoughts from people you follow. Plus its one more thing I can check when I am bored and avoiding doing actual work.


  1. the painting is beautiful! love that you painted both eyes on the girl even though she's now got a patch. had you planned on putting the patch on her?
    congrats on selling it so quickly.

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Woo! Go Twitter. I love it. I don't have one myself.. but I love reading other people's...
    I suppose eventually one day I'd get one... but, I'll try to resist for now. :D

    Also... Great painting. It certainly sold fast.. wow!