Saturday, September 6, 2008

hop, hop.

A nice weekend surprise! I was blogged about by one of the cool people I have connected with on Etsy, the always fun kittycrossbones or AmyLynn Field. How sweet is this??? She wrote a ton of stuff that makes me feel all fuzzy.

Good luck with your brand new blog! I would wish you luck with your business, but you already are at that top of your game. ;-)

So hello to anyone who arrived here from kittycrossbones! Nice to see ya.


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Hey hey!
    No problem, I love your shop and wish you much success ... now if I could only spell that word. :P

  2. Hiya, didn't know you were supposed to tell people that you blogged them! I wrote about you a while back a while back and put a link too so that people could find your shop...hope I haven't broken some web-law?!! Batcat - Cute stuff as ever. Yve :o)

  3. Haha! Yve, there is no laws on the internet! You don't *have* to do anything. :-) Thanks so much for blogging about me! I will add a link to your blog on my sidebar.