Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Painting in limbo

I finished a new little painting, but a technical difficulty is keeping me from scanning it right away. Here are a few photos of its little life.

Unnamed painting pencil

Here is the pencil drawing. I thought it looked like Miley Cyrus, but my dude said it didn't. Phew! This is one of those pointless paintings where my only goal is to paint pretty eye makeup and splatter stuff.

Unnamed painting ink and wash

So I inked it with acrylic ink and a little brush. No major flubs. I even left some of the pencil lines underneath at some places I liked them. Then, as always, my first step
is to wash everything in colours. White paper be gone. If you go to the full size one at its Flickr page you can see just how carefully I do this. *snicker*

Final unnamed painting

So here is the final painting. She needs some plastic surgery in Photoshop, for sure for me to be super happy with her, but other than that I think it came out ok. Until she is scanned I am not sure what form she will end up as in my shop. Maybe a matted print, maybe a bookmark, maybe something else...

So now that Remembrance Day ceremonies have been watched, coffee and pastries have been gobbled (delivered to me in my pj's by my sweet dude!) and the internet has been updated, I can go out into the world. The cold winter world. Damn.

She is photoshopped and etsyshopped, and her name is Olive.


  1. Nice bucket-o-stuff and crusty paint jar. It makes an excellent background for the pretty lady painting.

  2. Yeah, painting is a messy business. Especially when you are a lay cleaner. Since acrylic dries into plastic, its not really necessary to clean the jar. Plus, cleaning sucks.

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I love this painting. The close up of her face, she kinda makes me think she's totally rolling her eyes at some stinky boy being dumb or something. :D

    I may just have to buy a print of that.

    How often do you sell the originals?

  4. I think its a successful painting if it makes you make us a back story for her.

    I usually only sell originals on request. I never want to sell them, and they just sit in a drawer. Also some of my paintings get photoshopped a lot so the original looks different than the print.