Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Get your fresh paintings! Right Here!


Listed another original painting! (Two actually...)

day and night
"Sugar and Spice" and "Not Very Nice" are now for sale at my Etsy Shop.

Batcat is a moody beast. He can be both sweet and sour. I think I just wanted to have an excuse to paint night animals! This can serve as my Owl contribution to Etsy, as it seems that every hipster person on earth likes owls for some reason. *snark* Ok, I can't point fingers. I like bats just like every other gothy-girl out there. I think I just burned myself.

I feel a bit of that "OHNO...CAN'TSELLMYARTWORK!!" creeping back in. These two paintings are really cute in real life, and mid way through taking photos so I could list them I changed my mind. Then I changed it back last night. Haha.

So there. They are out there. I can't really take it back now. *cries*


  1. Aww, poor Tara! But look how lovely they are! The pics turned out very nicely. Now your originals can sit in someone else's house to be admired daily. That's not so bad, is it?

  2. I can sympathize with your anxiety, but I'm sure they'll find a good home. They're too cute not to :)
    and now (don't kill me, please) i'm going to tag you.
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    I hope you play's always fun to find out more about a person who's work you admire.

  3. These are great. You could stare at them for hours and come up with all sorts of fantastic spooky tales.

  4. Anonymous9:43 PM

    lol, I'm not owl-nanas either ;3 These are both awesome. It's okay, let the kids leave the nest!

  5. Wheew, I am so glad there is a name for this mental state, "OHNO...CAN'TSELLMYARTWORK!!" This diagnosis is scaring the creativeness outta me!
    Your new paintings are awesome. I'm sure someone is gonna snatch 'em up real quick!