Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two new Loves.

After hinting I would create some new animal "Love" pin and sticker sets, I actually DID IT. *gasp.

Panda Love

Bunny Love

Bunny Love! (Its not even listed yet. I am a marketing genius.)

Panda was quite the leap for me. I intended the Love sets to be Canadian animals that I loved. I kind of changed the rules by adding a Red Squirrel (which Canada doesn't have, we only have brown and gray and black, which are cute but no big ears I love so much...) so after that the concept changed.

I do love Pandas, I somehow don't even believe they are a real animal. So weird. And Bunny Love just seemed natural. I did struggle to choose a bunny that represented every bunny. Its impossible! They all look so different. So screw that, I just did a mix of them all.

So the Love set got a bit bigger. I already have a few ideas for more, but I don't want to go nuts. Maybe in a while...

Today I have an appointment with a makeup artist friend who will make me gorgeous. No reason, just because its fun, and I am a good consumer. So I have an excuse to not work any more today. haha!

Lastly, I leave you with this little sneak peek at my work in progress.
fan art is for dorks

It didn't start as fan art, but it became it as soon as I did the hair. I do so much work that I think is acceptable for people to hang in their homes, and then it doesn't sell. This one won't be as pretty. Sometimes you just need to nerd out and do something with blood splatter for yourself, Am I right? :-D


  1. Awww, they're adorable! I used to have a black and white rabbit. His name was Mooey (cuz he looked like a cow...).

  2. Anonymous3:47 PM

    omg....those are awesome. Im not a rabbit fan but I love that bunny!

  3. I love them both!!!

  4. Your artwork is amazing!

  5. Hello blacklilypie -

    I enjoy your love buttons and think you did a fabulous job on the new Panda and Bunny ones.

    The Panda button is so pretty and the Bunny button is very cute! You did an amazing job on both of them! And I look forward to seeing your new ideas for more buttons in the future.

    I also like the photo of your work in progress. I find it interesting to see not only see works in progress, but people's art desks where the magic happens :)

    Cheers from Catland,

    - Jane