Monday, February 16, 2009

Today is pointless.

Its one of those days I can't make myself do anything worthwhile. I have some pouches to photograph, bookmarks to make, whatever, don't want to. I feel like moping today.

So I started a totally pointless painting. No plan, no direction, just paint and pencil on canvas. Its an exercise in uselessness. I am not trying to challenge myself or illustrate something. Its just because I want to do it...


It may be beautiful, it may be horrible and get painted over before 10pm tonight. But at very least, I am doing something. And today, that is a victory.


P.S. Hello 50 followers! (Thanks Rachel!!) Its such a cute little number. Makes me feel quaint. Maybe someday I will have 50 000 like some blogs. Maybe interesting content will go out of style and complaining and pictures of half finished artwork will come into vogue. YES.


  1. Anonymous5:34 PM

    I'm number 50! I feel proud :)

  2. I edited it so you have a link, which I totally should have done before. haha. THANKS RACHEL! :-D

  3. I hope before 9:59pm you decide to finish this painting. I am really liking it. I think creativity to you is like breathing. You have to just keep your hands moving. Good way to be......