Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cake and Pie

I have been focusing on adding new products to my cutesy shop, blackforestcake. But I have not forgotten about blacklilypie!

Sticker Set

This is a sticker set that is waiting to have its photoshoot. I just snapped this one as I was re-shooting some other items. *EDIT* They are now listed here. I have a few other sticker sets on the board too.

I designed this topper to be used with multiple sets, making it easier and faster to produce with just a few elements that change. I am working on a monogram set this afternoon. :-)

I have been posting links to some books I am in love with on Twitter, but I don't want anyone missing out, so here they are:


-Martha Stewart's Cupcakes-I liked the Cookies book she did so much I had to have the cupcake one. I can't wait to try some of them. Plus there is vampire bat cupcake. I pretty much squealed. Love her or hate her, she has good people working on her books.

-Gothic and Lolita by Phaidon-There is just something so awesome about seeing real people wearing clothes like this with all their little DIY additions and attention to detail. I just get a fuzzy feeling when people are weirdos, and they go to weirdo bars and cafes with their weirdo friends and don't care if you think they are silly. I also love seeing peoples rooms.

-Japanese Goth-Illustration,fashion,dolls,bands, and everything in between. Would have made a really great huge coffee table book. I just eat up some of those beautiful pictures. Here is an interview with one of the authors and some examples from the book...

I like books. There are stacks of them I should mention here. Maybe I should try to keep on that. ;-)


  1. The stickers look great! :D

  2. Those stickers are so cute!!

  3. I just peeked at your new shop and fell in love with the fox party stickers and print. So freaking adorable I almost shed a tear. :)

  4. Thanks parochena and SyntheticSeduction! :-) Glad you guys dig them.

    moxiecupcake: Foxes are the best animal. Hands down. I have no idea why, they re just so darn cute. I think I started the second shop to more fully explore my fox obsession!!

  5. Hah. There could be worse obsessions! I think that's why I love Shiba Inus so much... they're just so fox-like.

    If only they didn't cost upwards of 2 grand!