Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday. Yesss.

The two new sticker sets for blacklilypie are in the shop!

monogram sticker setgoth girl sticker set

Monogram Sticker Set (Customizable!)
and Gothic Girl Set.

I received my birthday gift a day early! Mostly because it was in a big box and my dude had no where to hide it...Ok, and because I was bouncing around asking for it constantly like a spoiled child.

Its..its so beautiful..SNIFF

KitchenAid mixer! Isn't it cute? Even with my greasy fingerprints all over it and photographed lazily at night... I was just complaining that many of the dessert recipes I want to make need a mixer. It looks small in the photo, but in reality its a monster to someone with 2 square feet of counter space.
I teased dude that it was sort of a weird and "wifely" gift to get for your birthday. He said it was this or a gift certificate for an expensive tattoo. Both gifts will last forever. ;-)

I will have to buy myself something immature with my birthday gift spoils. (Thanks Mum!) Makeup! Clothes! OOh, or maybe some imported good from the chinese mall next weekend. *Drools*


  1. Robyn1:08 PM

    That is a gorgeous mixer. Be sure to post photos of your baking creations! :)

  2. I am absolutely jealous of your mixer. I must show my husband this post to drop hints for my birthday! Congrats!