Monday, June 29, 2009

Do not read if in a good mood.

Ok, stuff sucks. Phew! At least I got that out of the way right away.

Its summer, Toronto garbage strike, Etsy problems, wedding screw ups, traveling, job hunting, sensitive skin, people being idiots, my computer imploding...GAH!!! I could go on and on. WOE IS ME.
Here is a painting that has been sitting unfinished for weeks...

painting in progress

Its currently wet with its first coat of varnish and its at its most screw-upable. Little fuzzies, blobs, smears and bubbles stay the heck away from my varnish. I am SO not in the mood for it!!!

If it wasn't for the nightly baby raccoon party directly outside my window, I would be kicking puppies and slapping old ladies.

Can't all be sweetness and cakes can it? :-P


  1. I understand completely.

  2. I hope everything gets better soon!

    Baby racoons???

  3. Hello, just checking out new blogs, really like yours. Come check out mine if you'd like.

  4. Wow Toronto Garbage thing again!!! You guys can't get rid of it eh! Is is filling all the parks like the last time?

    Baby raccoons!!! The cutest thing ever!!!

    Hey travelling isn't bad! Should be fun anyway :)