Friday, July 3, 2009


So I decided to drown my sorrows in the most stereotypical girl way. EAT FOOD.

But first I had to make food!

Martha Stewart STREUSEL Cupcakes!

I was using my new KitchenAid mixer and Martha Stewart's Cupcake book. The topping recipe made SO much streusel that I was like "Oh crap, I did something wrong!" Each little cupcake was under a mini sandpile of topping!

But I soon learned that the recipe was fine. The cupcakes (muffins?) puffed up and they smelled amazing. Drizzle, drizzle with glaze and TAH-DAH!

Martha Stewart STREUSEL Cupcakes!

YUM. I made a tray of big huge fatty cupcakes and a half tray of teeny little cutey muffins. They were so good, but so freaking messy! There is streusel topping fallout all over the apartment.

Martha Stewart STREUSEL Cupcakes!

Here is the recipe online if you dare make these badboys. I even used my awesome cupcake papers I purchased on Etsy from The LayerCakeShop. On all the ones I DIDN'T photograph. OOPS. Trust me, they were adorable and stripey.

So my mixer is awesome, my cupcakes were awesome, and I even got myself to finish and list the painting I sneak peeked in my last post... Which is awesome if you ignore the general laziness.

black forest cake painting

So its Friday, and miraculously there are TWO cupcakes left. I must avert my eyes, so I can have cupcake and coffee while watching cartoons on Saturday morning.


  1. late bloomer3:39 PM

    Sorrows drowned in your land? Cakeland? haha

    Looks delicious!

  2. Cat Freak10:40 PM

    Oh my god! Are you baking these to sell?
    I'd love to order some! How much for twelve?