Thursday, September 10, 2009

I will raise it from the boneyard.

Its kind of dead around here...

There comes a time in every blogs life when they sit un-updated and boring. Its inevitable! I can't help it! So its not even my fault or anything... (haha, I think they bought it.)
gravestone sets
Ok, so I have made up a bunch of little sets of mini gravestones. I already listed a set of four, and a set of two. I could have made them all day, its so FUN.

I have been keeping busy doing nothing. Buying books, making terrible cookies, trying to eat veggies and nerding out over halloween. This weekend my neighbourhood has a street festival, so much food and drink will be had. I will have to try to make more of an effort to take pics and post them. Its a cute festival.

Blog entry! Hah. I did it!


  1. *aupplauds* yay for awaking blogs! I've been trying to blog more often myself.

    Very cute grave yard. What are you gonna be for halloween.. and what is your cat going to be for halloween?

  2. What cute tombstones... that's a sentence you don't get to say that often :o)