Thursday, September 17, 2009

New black things...

New things in my shop this week...

glitter bat

Glittery bat! A hanging clay bat covered in the finest black glitter. He has little orange glitter eyes too. Black glitter is EVERYWHERE!

glitter coffin

Glittery Coffin! This little clay coffin has both silver and black glitter. Its really quite tiny in real life.

bad cat bookmark

And this new Bad Black Cat Bookmark. I had another black cat bookmark, but since that has been sent off to blackforestcake, I thought I needed another one. This one is a bit more of an evil little black cat. Not that black cats are ever evil. No. Never....

I have a few more things that I am editing photographs for too!


  1. Are the glittery things sculpted in polymer clay? What have you used to attach it? I love glitter, but it's MESSY to work with ! Seriously, there should be an extra price added on the glittery stuff to make up for the glitter-mess you're left with ;)

  2. Yes they are polymer clay. I used Martha Stewart's glittering glue actually. its basically just white glue. I did the skull on the coffin first before doing the rest...

    And yes, my house is a mess! I even had glitter in my eyes!

  3. Wow, look at that kitty. He reminds me of someone...