Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lil' painting

A little painting is finished...

little portrait

This tiny little painting started out as a face doodle on a scrap of board...

It was inked with acrylic ink then painted in acrylic paint. I sealed it with glossy varnish.

little portrait closeup

Her little face is cute, no?

I am waiting to put her into a little Ikea frame. A painting this small just seem like it should be sold as a complete package. I will just let the varnish cure a bit more and probably will list it on Wednesday...

(UPDATE!: Here she is in her frame!)

Think she would make a nice bookmark? print? hmm. Will have to do some test printing tonight too. Much to do, much to do...


  1. She's great! And VERY cute indeed. Nice job Tara!

    And thanks for the shout out on your twitter bestie!

  2. Pretty! I'm planning to sell prints of my art in my Etsy shop as well, but can't work out how, like if I should only sell them nicely packaged in cellophane bags, matted or framed. I've read everywhere that people say it's too expensive and hard to ship prints with frames - but is it less so with very small prints? What do people like to buy? I would love to hear your opinion since I see you've got tons of experience with selling prints. I hope you don't mind that I pester you with questions! Eva:)

  3. Tracy: No prob! :-)

    Eva: Most of the big print sellers just put them in a cellophane bag and mail them in a bend proof envelope. Its the standard. I sell framed originals, but wouldn't do it with prints, it would make them too expensive to ship. I find that people more often buy just a print alone, unmatted most of the time.

    Just make sure you have lots of clear photos, and use really good quality paper to print. Good luck!

  4. Thanks for the answer! I might start out making cards or some other type of paper things at first to put my illustrations to use, while I figure out how to make the most perfectest prints.