Monday, June 14, 2010

weekend recap

Look at my bike. Isn't it cute?


My leg looks funny.

Its small enough that legally I could ride it on the sidewalk (its based on wheel diameter) And even though I usually don't ride on the sidewalk, it just necessary sometims when you live in a big city. I like knowing I am *in theory* allowed to do so.

This is where I rode it to...


And this is me at a True Blood Party on Sunday.

True Blood Nerd Out!

It might have been rude to park myself dead center to the screen, I realize now. But I was there first!

There was pickled eggs! Jealous? No me neither. (Sorry Tracy! I bet your eggs are the bestest eggs on earth, but they are still eggs. :-) ) You were there in egg-spirit.

So this weekend, I got to see ducks (cute!), had cake delivered to me in bed (hazelnut actually...), watch like 6 episodes of Rome (sad but awesome!), see bill and eric (Team Bill), drink sambucca (I want to wear it as perfume), and buy products from the drug store (My favorite store on earth.) The little things make the big things suck a bit less.

Now back to reality. I guess.


  1. Love, love, love True Blood! Ordered HBO just yesterday so I could watch the season premiere. I actually like it when people ride their bikes on the sidewalk. I can't accidentally hit them with my car if they aren't in the road... =P

  2. I hope Jeff told everyone that he didn't "ALLOW" me to go. He decided after two weeks of not caring that it would be too late to drive me back to the farm and then take himself back to Toronto. :( I guess I understand, but STILL! :D

    No worries, I don't like pickled eggs either. I hear they are awesome though.

  3. A big UGH at the pickled eggs. A friend of mine loved the combination of pickled eggs and a pint of Guinness.. She managed to make me taste it once when I was really hungry. It was brown like a kinder egg, and this also helped convince me to try- but it did NOT taste like a kinder egg!

  4. To me, pickled eggs are definitely in the "Dude Food" category. That's how all the farmers eat them, with beer. I've never seen them brown eva. No wonder you didn't like it! I bet it was bad or REALLY old. Ick.