Friday, August 20, 2010

Human meat accident!

So. Pavement is stronger than human mean and bone. Now we know for sure.

bike wreck

*Someone* might have fallen off his bike and turned his wrist to mush and bone dust.

This guy took a flip over the handlebars when confronted with a streetcar track on his way to work. I was unaware for hours and hours he was at the hospital!!

After his trip to a few emergency rooms, and surgery to fix him up, he is new and improved with metal parts.

Hospitals are scary and weird. I wasn't too helpful as the unhurt party, as I am a hardcore fainter, who can't seem to keep conscious in the same building as a band-aid. I actually had to sit n the floor with my head between my knees at times. SIGH. Been that way my whole life, gotta deal.

healing 2

So now the surgery is done, he is on the mend, and I am playing nurse. It doesn't come easy to me, I am kind of a mean nurse actually. So my shop and creations are on hold for just a little while. But I am sure once the arm heals a bit it will be back to business as usual.

healing 3

He is doing well and I am doing well and even though I have to do the dishes for 6 weeks, its still kind of fun to have a cyborg around. Yay for science!

P.S. We are both buying bike helmets. :-) Lesson learned!


  1. Oh snap! Hope the healing process is quick!

  2. Poor guy. I'll see you Saturday night. We'll nurse that dude of yours better!