Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hey internet.

Living with someone who can't really use their hands is kind of crappy because you always have to do the dishes and feed the cat. But living with someone who can't use their hands is also an AWESOME excuse for not updating your blog... Right?

Ok, my cyborg is on the mend, the excuse is wearing thin...

I have something worthwhile to post about anyway.

velouria 3

This amazing woman is Velouria Adore, and she contacted me to ask about getting a tattoo of one of my illustrations... Of course I said yes and then she actually went and did it!!!

Here is the original illustration.

I did this little painting for a student organized book project at the end of University (OCAD in Toronto,Canada) All the students illustrated "Candy" in black and white only, in a square format.

Love this one...

velouria 2

and this one shows the tattoo really well...

velouria 4

If you want to creep on her (like I know you do) there are a few more photos at my Flickr, and of course you can visit her model profile,, where there are many more.

So impressed with the work of her tattoo artist. All the subtle gray shading is perfect, its the closest to a copy of my work I have ever seen in tattoo form. :-) Grah, its gorgeous!

Thanks for making me look good!


  1. Wow, congrats! What a compliment!

  2. That does look amazing, awesome job and a huge compliment for sure!!!

  3. Congrats!!!! It is amaizing!!!

  4. WOW! Awesome! She's so gorgeous!