Saturday, July 9, 2011


Visiting the Farm on Canada Day

We've decided its officially a friend tradition to visit this new little farm that my friends are working on building. On Canada Day, we go to meet the new animals and see the new projects. Its super fun, and also really heartwarming to see people living out dreams.

I took over 500 pictures, and most of them are horrible. I take so many because I know that in a year, this little farm will be different.

Baby Bunny
I find them creepy.
Odin and the pond
Scary pig in mud

I made a Flickr gallery of some shots, and if you are interested in how a little farm is born and what it takes to get things going, Tracy's blog, Journey to Casimir is documenting it all.

Wish I would have eaten more roasted marshmallows. :-)

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