Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sugar Bones

Soooo, here is a new addition to my Etsy shop.
 Its a new set of one inch pins with little bones on them. Its really fun to draw cartoon bones you know...

I had originally drawn this design with realistic bone shapes, but didn't like it and redid it all with the traditional bone shape.

So, doing stuff in my new home of Ottawa, being a tourist, seeing things,  doing stuff...
Driving to nowhere to buy beer.
 Looking in every comic store in existence for Batwoman.
Taking a tour like tourists.
My mom and dad visiting and everyone being colour coordinated by accident. :3 
We saw D.O.A. on the street right after this. (Most Canadian day ever.)
 Taking touristy photos.
Carving new stamps for fabric printing.
Painting a new photo backdrop that will either be awesome or terrible.
So, in general, I spend all my time taking iphone photos of things. heh heh.


  1. Love the bone pins! Where did you get your button maker?

  2. I bought it on ebay years ago. Thousands of buttons and still going strong. Thinking of getting one?
    Its this type of machine...

  3. I love the bone pins. I also chose your blog for an award.