Monday, September 12, 2011

shussshhh shusshhh

Sooo...a good thing about moving to Ottawa, I finally got an "when we move to Ottawa present."

New tablet! 
My old one has a crack in it, is GROSS and the mouse double clicks randomly and doesn't scroll and it is OLD AS HELL and DYING. My new Intuos4 is like, too cool for school next to that 10 year old (at least) thing.

The new one makes a nice marker-like shusssshing sound when you draw. Plus it has programmable keys and all sorts of nibs and its all like black on black on black like Batman's tablet would be. Yes.......

So I am getting used to it. I have never drew things from scratch on my tablet, I scan in pencil drawings or inked stuff and go from there. Might change now.

Want to see some sneak peek stuff?

These are works in progress, I am still working on colours and packing ideas and other parts of the projects. You know, just making crap up as I go along.Heh hehhhh.

Oh, and I asked Nathan to take a pic of my in my studio, you know, so I can be current and not be a liar with outdated profile pics on the internet. This is the BEST one!
There must be a deadly herp derp leak in this studio. hahaha.


  1. There you are! I was thinking about you and how you're doing in Ottawa. You seem to be keeping busy thanks to Ottawa presents!! :D