Tuesday, March 19, 2013


After my bro's mini-wedding, I got to stop by my friends farm!

I just have two words to say: Goat baby.

Argh! So cute, I can't handle this shit. She was so light and small. Her name is Fiona, she is a Nubian (I say like I actually know anything about goats...) Go here to see a post about her birth and more pics of her.
Her interests include: Wearing a little coat and making people baby talk like fools.
She's only a day or so old, and so sleepy and pliable, it was hard to not be a bit grossed out by her sweet little face. She was shivering from the horrible Canadian cold, so right after this she was taken out of the barn and brought to cuddle on a warm lap inside the house.

I also got a sneak peek at the goat's milk soap curing on the rack.
Smelled so good in there. This is all spoken for. There is a waiting list. This small business is growing fast.
But the soap maker/farm boss is my best friend so I always skip the line. Aw yiss.

This has been a "good feelings" post by Tara.


  1. Hey! That's my bestie, and my baby goat, and my soap! :D So happy I got to see you for a bit! :D Fantastic photos as always!! :D


    I grew up on a farm. We didn't have goats, but we had sheep. Close enough! They're so cute while they're little (not so cute when they grow up. Kinda like teenagers).

  3. Baby animals are awesome! And that soap! It even looks like it smells delicious! I love buying handmade soaps.