Thursday, June 26, 2014

Its 2014?! Why didn't you tell me!

batcat oops drawing (

Ok, so its been a year since I posted anything. Heheheheheeh *nervous laughter*

But I decided to start it up again, because I am working on rebranding a lot of my stuff and a blog just fits better now. 

I *just* made a new little hub website. Live today. website frontpage grab screenshot had been pointing to my etsy shop for a few years now. It was just the easiest way to show people what I do. But recently I have been doing work for selling on sites like redbubble and society6, so I thought, I should make the website I should have had for years now. 

So I made my website in an afteroon. It is pretty much the most basic of sites that an 8 year old who wanted to get into web design would make, but its functional. Its probably only a temporary one that will be replaced with a serious bizznas one with an incorporated shop someday, but not this day.

So the blog is starting up again, I will probably be posting lots of work in progress pictures, shop updates, sprinkled with instagram pics of cats, Ottawa stuff, and me doing a derp face.

So hi.


  1. Wooaaa, the BatCat rises from the grave ;o) Nice to see you back!

  2. Hi there! I look forward to all the in progress shots and cat pics are always awesome!