Thursday, July 3, 2014

Canada Day

It was Canada Day weekend, and my parents came to visit.
And of course a bloody HEAT WAVE struck. Like, a terrible, horrible sweaty muggy heatwave, had the nerve to during their trip.

We went to to see the DorĂ© exhibit at The National Gallery of Canada. Which was interesting, but mildly disappointing personally because I had confused him with another artist in my mind. Like getting chocolate when you wanted vanilla really. You can't ever really complain about seeing AMAZING art. In my opinion DorĂ©'s best work is this:
Puss in Boots by Gustav Dore
SO CUTE. Like the angels and demons are cool and all but awwwwww.

So mostly we spent the weekend eating, sweating then eating again. I don't get to see my parents very often, we mostly just wanted to hang out so we could compare what british shows we have watched. (My mom didn't like SHERLOCKKKKK! *internaly weeping and judging*)
blacklilypie and cute parents laughing at the beach

We did do some Canadian stuff. We touched beach, saw people doing extreme water sports things.

blacklilypie and cute parents laughing at the beach
We bought beer, saw lakes and trees and ugly tent caterpillars.

But maybe the best part was when it was too hot to do anything, we just got in the car and drove, and ended up on the top of Champlain Lookout in Gatineau Park, we got there as a storm was blowing past and it was crazy neat.
Storm at Champlain Lookout Gatineau Park
Seriously cool. There was a tornado somewhere in the area that wrecked a bunch of things, we found out later. 

All the pics and driving were done by Nathan, who I told I would credit for his hard work because its not cool to steal content. haha. Plus he is better at taking pictures. All the ones I took of this amazing storm are pathetic.

My parents slept in my cramped studio with all my prettyboy Supernatural pin ups and half finished projects. They never, ever complain, and they always buy extra ice cream "JUST IN CASE." :-) Ugh so cute.

But this blog post is the final step before getting back to work, so I am trying to drag it out for as long as possible..................

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