Friday, July 11, 2014

Fabric from Spoonflower

I made a ton of fabric designs from my art a while ago, then promptly uploaded them all to Spoonflower and forgot about them....heheheh. Ok, I got my act together,  and ordered a set of swatches, and it just came in!
Spoonflower fabric swatches by blacklilypie (

Spoonflower is a site that lets you design fabric, and then they print it for you. They have a ton of different options of fabric to choose from, plus they print wallpaper, gift wrap and those neat wall decals your mother-in-law buys. You can buy your own designs, or just buy from other designers. Its a community as well, lots of design inspiration. Lots of amazing stuff to be found. Here are the designs I have available right now...

Spoonflower shopfront grab by blacklilypie (

When you upload a design to spoonflower, before you can buy it (or sell it to others), you have to get a swatch. Which makes a lot of sense because a lot can go wrong with something like this. Its good to have a real life test print, to check out the colours as they are never quite the same on fabric as they are on screen. I mean, that goes for ALL printing. I test print everything.

So here are some images of the swatches. 
Spoonflower swatch kona cotton closeup by blacklilypie (

Spoonflower swatch kona cotton closeup "bring my tea" by blacklilypie (
They came out great! The printing is super crisp! Tiny details are clear. The colour ones look awesome! I actually did a lot of black and white, but seeing the colour swatches, I might make more colour patterns in the future.
Spoonflower swatch kona cotton closeup by blacklilypie (
I chose a Kona cotton for my swatches, which is at the cheap and cheerful end of the fabric selection they print. I think this would be great for lining purses or pouches, quilting, or other projects that you don't want bulkiness.

Spoonflower swatch kona cotton closeup by blacklilypie (

Spoonflower swatch kona cotton repeating pattern (

I am happy with my swatches, I will definitely be ordering some yards of fabric in a few of these designs. I didn't take photos of all of them, I swatched 15 designs, and a few didn't make the cut, not because of quality, but because I thought the design could use some work. My absolute favourite is THIS ONE.

Now I can get to it, making TONS AND TONS more patterns. I have plans to do a bunch of stuffed dolls and such with my fabric incorporated, and it is going to be super fun.

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