Thursday, October 24, 2019

Its 2019, almost 2020.

Been a while.

I have been thinking a bit about how things I make and sell on Etsy, or post on instagram are sort of impermanent, hard to point people towards. I used to upload to places like flickr, or here on this blog, even tumblr (RIP good tumblr) and they had a long life. I still get hits coming from blog posts I made years and years ago. So why didn't I keep doing it?

As I have sort of changed from making one of a kind things to plush dolls and other decor that are not one of a kind, it makes sense to have places that continue to exist so people can actually find me. Maybe some people's Pinterest pins will actually link to things I sell and people will actually be able to buy things.

Anyway, this is maybe like life #5 or 6 or something of this blog. I think I may just post new items I make and sell on Etsy (I have two shops now) So many of the items I will post about now are going to be available,so check my etsy shops or other links because you will be able to actually get your own if you like. Thanks for reading a blog, in 2019, almost 2020.

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