Thursday, October 24, 2019

Crow Doll

Working my way through creating all my fave animals... and obviously its CROW TIME.

This crow doll was drawn on the iPad, with the Apple Pencil, using the Procreate App. I did a test doll, then tweaked him a bit from this original drawing, making him a bit fatter.

I had the pattern printed on minky fabric, which is super soft and cuddly. I use this for all my dolls right now because it just feels so great.

He is a two sided doll, the back and front are the same except for the heart on his bum with my label. Its part of the doll, not an added label. The tail usually hangs down and covers it though. 

His best part is his Edward Gorey sneakers.  Fashioned after The Doubtful Guest I think.

He is entirely made by hand. I cut the pattern parts, sew and stuff each one in my studio. Hi is about 18 inches wide (45 cm wide)

If you are interested in buying one of these dolls, I tend to make small batches at a time. If its currently sold out on Etsy, you can make a restock request by clicking "Let me know when it's back" and you will get an email when I make more.

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