Friday, November 8, 2019

Spooky Skeleton Cat Dolls

A new pattern test today!

Two spooky skeleton cat dolls are fresh in the blacklilypie etsy shop today. 

 These dolls are a slight variation on my Soft Skeleton Doll that I have been making for a few years.

The green eyed one has a green spatter all over him, on the back as well. 

Sometimes pattern tests come out with a lot of little quirks that have to be ironed out. I mean, that is why you do a test...but once in a while a doll comes out perfectly, exactly how you wanted it to on the first try. Even though I started with my older skeleton pattern, I still drew this one out in full in Adobe Illustrator.

I think I might do a few more colour variations of this doll. I like how the spatter pattern makes the black and green one feel special. A halloween themed one? White cat body with pink bones? 

If you want to look at more photos, or buy a skeleton cat, go to my Etsy shop. If the doll is currently sold out, you can click to be notified by email when its back in stock.

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