Sunday, January 19, 2020

Double Sided Bunny Doll

Two Sided Black and White Bunny Rabbit Doll! 

I made this doll last year. I was wanting to do a doll with two different faces and this one is ...sort of that, it has the same bunny but opposite on either side. It turned out GREAT!

This year I decided to size up the pattern, because it was just so teeny tiny (THOSE SKINNY EARS! THOSE TINY TOES! They were so hard to turn right side out after sewing!) and the whole thing was hard to sew. Plus I just think its better bigger! I think it worked well before but its so much more big and floppy and satisfying now.

The original smaller doll beside the new, larger size. I didn't change anything really, just printed it at a larger size on the fabric. I actually draw my dolls at a huge size then downsize them for printing, just in case I want to make them larger some day.

I personally think its one of my better dolls, but that is just preference, because I made this for me! Often the dolls I like the most are not the most popular ones. who knows why? Like all my printed fabric dolls, I made this to be in stock continuously, I can make as many as I want.

Here is the pencil sketch I took a photo of with my iPad.

I drew the bunny in Procreate on the iPad, with an Apple Pencil. In the past I would have used Illustrator for this sort of thing, but using Procreate worked really well! I actually created the bleed around each piece in Procreate, kind of drawing them separately then "assembling" the bunny you see above from the individual pieces. 

I then send it to my computer so I can work on the pattern layout in Photoshop. I lay them out in a file that is the size of a yard of minky fabric. I try and keep all the legs going in the same direction so the fabric lays the same way when its assembled.

I try and squeeze as many dolls as possible onto my yards of fabric, so sometimes this step can take a while.

I might do a more in depth post about how I actually cut and sew each of my dolls in the future. I have it down now, I have made A LOT of dolls this way lately.

This doll is available at my Etsy shop! If its currently sold out you can click the restock button to be notified when I get another one in stock. You aren't obligated, it just gives you a heads up. Thanks for visiting!

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