Monday, March 2, 2020

Free Printable Bat Garland Download

I used to sell printables on Etsy that were made from my own digital illustrations. I have since changed my second etsy shop's focus to selling vintage items, so I have a little stockpile of printables just gathering digital dust...Why not just put them out into the world for free?

You can download these bat garlands for free, and print them for your next Halloween party, or maybe just to spooky up your gothic home. Available in four colours. Scroll down to see the download links

Make sure to download the PDF by clicking the link, not just save this little photo to your computer. The PDF is way better quality, you will be prettier and crisper bats!  These will print well on a 8.5 by 11 inch standard size paper.

Here are some photos of the garland after I printed it.

I printed on thick, matte photo paper to get these images. You can also print on thinner paper and then glue it to thicker card stock before printing. 

Please only use this for personal use, not commercial applications. Feel free to pin and share this post.

I also uploaded this to my Gumroad account. You can download it there for free, or also consider paying a small fee if you choose.

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Hope you have fun making your very own string of bats!!

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