Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have a plan.

I started early this year working on Holiday season stuff. Its SO hard to not focus on Halloween (Because I love it SO much!) But I have been keeping myself busy planning and gathering and working on holiday stuff so as soon as November hits I am in business for Christmas!

So thats why its a bit quiet around here. I have things I am dying to post about but will have to wait until after Halloween!

For now, I will show you the last of the "Critter Love" sets I have made fro my shop. The bat!This is the fifth "love" set. Fox,rat,squirrel,raccoon and bat pretty much cover it. Why bat is last I will never really understand. it was one of those "DUH!" moments for me. Why wasn't bat FIRST? Ok, maybe second after Fox...

I have a new "Love" series taking shape in my head, and its not animals. OOOh!

Halloweeeen! Yeah! I am like a kid who can hardly wait! I already thought of a costume for next year. Hahaha.

***Post update!***

Ok, I lied. I added something new to the shop after I said I wouldn't...Hee hee. Fruit Bat!
Don't even try and touch that strawberry, he will nip your fingers right off!
Ok, NOW I am not adding anything else I am supposed to be hoarding...

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  1. Aww, yay -- "Bat Love" is the one I wound up sending to my overseas sweetie ^_^

    -- A <3