Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight review

Here is my Twilight review.

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Making fun of this book isn't really useful or necessary. The people who like it really, really like it. No changing their minds. I just thought it was weak.
My short list of its weak-ness:
-Teenagers are boring. You were boring, I was boring. They go to school and care about dances and tests.
-Main characters are not equal. He is a super-hot, 80 year old, rich vampire who can read minds. She is pretty and smells good.
-No adult situations. Yes, its a teen book. Which means no actual weight to threats of sex and death. Which is what vampires are about. Sure scary situations happen, but its in kind of a "edited for TV" way.
-Subtle churchiness. They struggle with abstinence (vampire abstinence) and marriage like situations would fix everything.

Some of these complaints are founded, some are just personal nonsense. But cutting my teeth on Anne Rice (who I actually respect more now that I have read other vampire crap) made me realize this wasn't my cup of tea. Its a dullish romance book. And I actually read and really enjoy some romance books, but written for adults. I may try to read the second book (I have heard it gets better) but I don't really care. If it falls from the sky I will read it and reconsider my review.

Cover is nice though.


  1. I love your review, it just makes sense. Reading Anne Rice = future pickiness toward vampire characters/storylines. It’s an inevitability that can’t be escaped. So, you put the nail in my ‘I’m not going to see Twilight right now’ coffin (so to speak).

  2. Oh you have totally hit the nail on the head, it is a DULL book. Not spectacularly bad, just boring and sloppily written. I just wanted Edward to bite her and get it over and done with!

  3. Nice review! My boyfriend's teenage sisters have been raving about this book and I've been wondering how good it actually was.

  4. I haven't read it, but this might be one of the funniest reviews I've ever read...thanks for bringing a giggle to my afternoon :)